Who is Gina Carano Dating? Who is Gina Carano’s Boyfriend?


Gina Joy Carano started her career as a Mixed Martial Artist, which gained her wide recognition. She then went ahead to become an American actress, television personality, and fitness model. She was featured in ESPN The Magazine and was called the “face of women’s MMA” (although she dismissed the title). She additionally made it to the list of the “Top 10 Influential Women” of 2008. Outside her career in MMA, she has made appearances in the 2008 reality series ‘American Gladiators,’ as well as movies like ‘Blood and Bone,’ ‘Haywire,’ ‘Fast & Furious 6,’ ‘Deadpool,’ and ‘The Mandalorian,’ among others. With a remarkable professional career, Gina’s personal life has also fueled interest in fans. Well, if you’re particularly looking for updates about her relationships, here’s everything we know.

Who is Gina Carano Dating?

Gina has mostly dated her colleagues – fighters, kickboxers, or bodybuilders, which does not seem surprising considering her dedication to her career. Gina’s family life was stressing her out at the time when she was with Kevin Ross. The couple started dating in 2005, and Ross extended his full support to her as she defeated all her problems. He also motivated her to start her fighting career, as a result of which she learned from experienced masters of the art, including Ross’ trainer, Master Toddy. But their commitment towards their respective careers left little time for them to be together. They subsequently broke up and in 2008 decided to stay friends.

In 2007 Gina encountered Kristopher Lee ‘Kit’ Cope, a skilled Muay Thai kick-boxer from Arizona. During that time, he hosted the sports show ‘Wild World of Spike’ and frequently visited Thailand to participate in local lethwei matches, where they met. He was instantly taken by her self-confidence and talent. They started dating soon after her previous break up with Kevin Ross. By the end of 2009, the couple was finally engaged. Yet, they parted ways without having disclosed the reasons to the public. Kit also talked about a controversial sex tape with Gina that she had no clue about.


In 2011, there were rumors about Gina’s involvement with kickboxer Tyson Griffin. The duo first met in 2007 and was spotted together on November 15, 2008, while attending the MGM Garden Arena. They were reported getting along well, talking and smiling a lot. They were seen together yet again on September 4, 2011, at a fundraising event, but neither of them ever stated that they had a relationship.

On August 4, 2012, Gina met Henry Cavill at popular singer Jessie J’s live show in the capital of Great Britain. Her co-star Luke Evans during the filming of ‘Fast & Furious 6’, introduced Gina to Henry, as he was Luke’s good friend. They were catching a break from shooting hours, which is how they landed at the concert. Gina and Henry naturally liked each other because of their shared passion for sports, bodybuilding, and working out. Henry even took Gina on the passenger seat of the brand new McLaren 12C Spider, which he flew during the Jubilee Tour of Elegance in September 2012.

Gina and Henry debuted as a couple on January 10, 2013, at the 18th Annual Critic’s Choice Movie Awards. In May, the same year, they got locked in their individual schedules and eventually broke up because of work-life pressures. But five months later (in October), the couple rekindled their relationship and moved in together. They even adopted an Akita puppy and seemed happy for a while. But on December 9, 2014, news about their separation was announced.

Who is Gina Carano’s Boyfriend?

After Gina’s split from Henry, she concentrated on acting for a while. As she was enjoying the limelight after her successful performance in ‘Extraction,’ Kevin Ross, her ex-boyfriend, re-entered her life. A picture of the couple kissing was posted on December 6, 2015, and fans were delighted as well as shocked at the news. They have since then stuck together. Ross has always supported her, which he continues to do even now. They have been spotted together in promotion events for ‘Deadpool,’ ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance’ and ‘Scorched Earth.’ Reports suggest that Ross has been more invested in his girlfriend’s career after they reconciled.

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