Is Alpha Dog a True Story? Is Johnny Truelove Based on Jesse James Hollywood?


‘Alpha Dog,’ directed by Nick Cassavetes, tells the story of Zack Mazursky (Anton Yelchin), who gets caught up on the wrong side of a young drug dealer, Johnny Truelove (Emile Hirsch). Johnny leads a posse of young men who aid him in his drug dealing ways. Jake Mazursky, Zack’s stepbrother, owes money to Johnny-a fact that doesn’t go down well with him. In a curious turn of events, Johnny kidnaps Zack as bait to receive his debt. A story of Stockholm Syndrome gone horribly wrong, ‘Alpha Dog’ is a gritty and realistic cinema portraying the Californian Valley’s decadence.

The posse of characters enacted by mainstream Hollywood stars like Justin Timberlake, Sharon Stone, Bruce Willis, and Olivia Wilde makes this film an interesting watch. The story bears a stark resemblance to reality, and thus, we decided to look for its origin. Here’s what we found!

Is Alpha Dog Based on a True Story?

Image Credit: Nicholas Markowitz

Yes, ‘Alpha Dog’ is based on a true story. In fact, all the characters in the film are inspired by real-life characters involved in the murder case of Nicholas Markowitz, which shook the community of West Hills, Los Angeles. Nicholas Markowitz lived in the West Hills and his parents Susan and Jeff Markowitz, portrayed by Sharon Stone and Bruce Willis in the film. Markowitz had a step-brother Ben, a volatile person, often finding himself in trouble. Ben got involved with Jesse James Hollywood, a marijuana dealer with his father’s backing who was also a member of the drug trade. Ben allegedly owed a substantial amount of money to Jesse, which snowballed into an outright conflict.


Hollywood, along with his friends, Jesse Rugge and William Skidmore, decided to confront Ben but coincidentally found Nicholas walking on the roadside. Nicholas was at the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up being kidnapped by Hollywood, and his friends-Hollywood wanted to hold Nicholas hostage to teach Ben a lesson. Nicholas was beaten up and gagged and taken to Santa Barbara, where he met with Rugge’s friends Graham Presley and Kelly Carpenter, with whom he slowly developed a good bond. Nicholas started enjoying their company and attended numerous house parties with them. A Stockholm syndrome developing, Nicholas was apparently happy in his abductor’s company as he was told that he would be released soon.

Image Credit: The Associated Press

Meanwhile, Jesse’s parents were frantically searching for their son and eventually informed the police. Jesse had traveled back to West Hills to meet an attorney who was also their family friend. The attorney warned Jesse of the dire consequences of the kidnapping. Fearing that Nicholas might divulge all the details upon his eventual release, Jesse decided to kill him. He enlisted the help of Ryan Hoyt, a person who also owed money to him. Jesse provided him with a TEC-9 machine gun and asked him to kill Nicholas upon which he would be released from his debt. Sensing a good opportunity to clear his dues, Ryan agreed to do so. They decided to murder Nichols at a hiking trail in the Santa Ynez Mountains at Goleta, California. Nicholas’ grave was also dug up.

Image Credit: CBSLosAngeles

After a house party, Pressley, Hoyt and Rugge drove Nicholas to the assigned place where Hoyt knocked him unconscious with a shovel. He shot nine bullets onto Nicholas’ unconscious body and tucked the gun along with Nicholas and proceeded to cover his grave. Nicholas’ body was found on August 12, 2000, by hikers as the grave was apparently shallow. The news reached Nicholas’ parents, which devastated them. Clues and leads started pouring in at the police department, especially from a girl, whom Nicholas had met in one of the house parties. The police had apprehended Hoyt, Pressley, and Rugge, but Jesse James couldn’t be found. This story inspired Cassavetes to make a film in which he was aided by Santa Barbara County Deputy District Attorney Ronald J. Zonen, who worked as a consultant for the film.

Where Are the Real-Life Perpetrators Now?

Ryan Hoyt was convicted of First-degree murder and sentenced to death in 2001. He is currently serving jail time in San Quentin Prison. Graham Pressley was tried in July 2002. He served eight years at the California Youth Authority until he was released in 2007. Jesse Rugge was released on parole in October 2013 after serving 11 years of a prison sentence.

After Nicholas’ death came to the limelight, Jesse James Hollywood was nowhere to be found. Jesse’s father was interrogated, but his whereabouts couldn’t be traced. Jesse appeared on the FBI’s most-wanted list and, in due course of time, was tracked all the way to Saquerema, Brazil, where he was living under the alias, Michael Costa Giroux. He had settled down with Marcia Reis, a fellow Brazilian. In 2005, he was extradited to California, where he pleaded not guilty in the murder case. On July 8, 2009,  the jury found Hollywood guilty of kidnapping and first-degree murder with special circumstances and sentenced him to life in prison. He is currently serving a life sentence at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego, California.

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