Is Lio Rush Married? Who is Lio Rush’s Wife? Does He Have Kids?


Lionel Gerard Green, better known by his ring name, Lio Rush is an American professional wrestler and musician. Lately, he can be seen on MTV’s  The Challenge. He is famous for his wrestling endeavors, especially for his time with WWE where he has been an NXT Cruiserweight Champion. He has also made a name for himself in Ring of Honor through his victory at its 2016 Top Prospect Tournament. Lio is also highly popular among other wrestling arenas such as Combat Zone Wrestling where he has emerged as the winner in CZW Wired Championship twice.

In July 2019, Rush released “Scenic Lullaby”, his debut single as a rapper. The song entails accounts of his experiences during the times he faced the toughest struggles of his life and how they have left scars. He has a few other singles under his name. His latest album titled “The Final Match” was released on July 20, 2020, closely following the release of his debut album “Ever After” on May 1, 2020.

Lio Rush’s Family

Lio Rush was born on November 11, 1994, to two gospel singers. His musical sense allegedly stems from his parents’ musical background. During his childhood, he was allotted a bedroom that resided right over his father’s recording studio. His dream of becoming a professional wrestler had taken shape when he was merely five years old. Rush has a history of struggling with mental health as a teenager which persisted till his early adulthood. His mental health degraded severely at one point during his teen years and he had to be hospitalized for a few days because of it.


He also had a brother named Lorenzo who passed away at an early age. Lio has admittedly said that the tattoo he has on his stomach is a poem written by his mother in memory of his deceased brother. Lio had not known about his brother till the first day of high school which was when his mother told him about Lorenzo. Lio is said to be living in Lanham, Maryland where he had wrestled in his high school before converting into a professional wrestler.

Lio Rush’s Wife and Children

Lio Rush has been married to his wife Sarah Lai Wah Green since 2018. She is an entrepreneur and owner of a small business where she sells hand-rolled incense. The products are vegan and natural and are sold on Etsy. Lio announced his marriage through an Instagram post where he claims Sarah to be his best friend. He goes on to write how he had previously considered love to be a “sin” and equated the idea of putting his heart “into somebody else’s hands” to committing suicide. In the same post, he describes Sarah to be “so perfect and so sweet” and calls her the person who was successful in transforming his notions about love.

Image Credit: Sarah Green/Instagram

Sarah and Lio have two sons, one six-years-old and the other one-year-old. On October 24, this year Sarah posted on Instagram a picture of the couple with an ultrasound photo of their third child, officially announcing her third pregnancy. In one of Lio’s latest Instagram posts, their two sons can be seen decorating a Christmas tree with tons of enthusiasm while their mother looks on.

Image Credit: Lio Rush/ Instagram

Recently, Lio had hinted at his retirement from the world of Wrestling in July this year. However, in October he made his return to GCW on Joey Janela’s ‘Spring Break’ where he won over ACH.

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