Where Is Biggest Little Christmas Showdown Filmed? HGTV Show Filming Locations


‘Biggest Little Christmas Showdown’ is a four-part mini-series that premiered on November 27, 2020, on HGTV. The holiday-themed reality show sees teams of miniaturists competing against each other to create the “merriest” mini-holiday homes. The team that creates the most extravagant mini home wins a grand prize of $50,000, and their miniature model is replicated into a full-sized holiday home decorated for Christmas.

James Monroe Iglehart is the host of this unique show. He is known for his Broadway career as well as his role as Coriolanus Burt on ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.’ In the show, we see some of the most detailed and gorgeous mini-holiday homes, handcrafted by the contestants. Naturally, we got curious to know where it is filmed, and here is what we found!

Biggest Little Christmas Showdown Filming Locations

The miniseries is extensively shot in the state of New York. The production team managed to finish filming the four episodes in early November 2020. Let us take a look at where it is filmed.


New York City

‘Biggest Little Christmas Showdown’ is filmed in the studio at Discovery Global Headquarters. It is located at 230 Park Avenue South, 19th Street, Flatiron District in Manhattan. The studio and production space is on the ground floor of the building, which has a large rooftop terrace and a fully-equipped Wellness Center as well. The building is strategically placed since it has easy access to public transportation, several green spaces, and a plethora of dining options.

Image Credit: James Monroe Iglehart/Instagram

There was a time when Flatiron District was referred to as the Toy District, given that it was the hub of toy manufacturers. Eventually, most of these businesses moved out of the U.S., after which the area gained a reputation as the Photo District. A large number of photographers’ studios emerged in the locality due to relatively lower rents. Now a large number of publishers, advertising agencies, and web-related start-ups define the neighborhood. Some of the notable landmarks of Flatiron District include the Flatiron Building, MetLife Tower (now occupied by Credit Suisse), and the New York Life Building.

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